Thread Manager

Thread Manager is a bot that will look over all threads created in your Server, and logs all activities made on or in them.

Servers: 1,814

Users: 748,161

Average Users/Server: 412

Status: Online


A simple Opensource Bot to prevent Scamlinks

Servers: 102

Users: 55.940

Average Users/Server: 548

Status: Online


TipicoX is the next generation Economy bot for your server with many features, jobs and other coming soon, currently in developement!

Servers: 46

Users: 81.817

Average Users/Server: 1.779

Status: Online

Infinity Lounge

A Fun bot that give your server a huge amount of Fun commands such as Marrying, shipping and more...

Servers: 572

Users: 68.367

Average Users/Server: 120

Status: Online