SFW Commands (Safe for Work)

Returns the Help-page of the Bot.

Sends you an Invite for the Bot.

Shows you the Stats of the Bot.

Vote for the Bot.

Sends you a random Fact.

Owoifies a Text.

Spoiler some letters!

You need a new Avatar? this returns you a random picture for a Pfp!

Sends you a random Baka Image.

Sends you a random Cat Picture!

Cuddle someone. (Sends a random cuddle GIF/Image)

Send a random Picture of a Dog.

Feed someone!

Sends you a random FoxGirl Image

Get an Image of a gecg (genetically engineered catgirl)

Sends a random Picture of a Goose

Sends you a random Holo Image / GIF

Hug someone!

Returns you a kemonomimi Image

Kiss someone!

Sends you a random Image of a Lizard.

Sends you a random Neko Image.

Pat someone.

Poke someone.

Slap someone.

A little Smug can't hurt.

Tickle someone.

Just waifu.
NSFW Commands (Not Safe for Work)

NSFW Commands are, for safety reasons, not documented here! Please see commands in Discord itself!