Basic Commands

Returns you the Help-page for the Bot.

Returns an Invite for the Bot.

Returns the amount of Users, Servers and Average Users per Server of the bot, also including Uptime.

Vote for the Bot :)

Removes the Slowmode in the current Channel
Commands With Arguments

Set a custom Message sent in every newly created Thread.
[type] = Message / Embed.

[message] = The Message that will be sent.

[title] = The Title of the Message.

[attachment] = The Attachment that will be sent with the Message (LINK FORMAT!).
Arguments marked with * are mandatory!

Enable or Disable Photomode in a Channel. Photomode allows users to only send Messages with Attachments included and creates a Thread to every Message being sent in that Channel.
[action] = On / Off
Arguments marked with * are mandatory!

Setup the bot to your needs.
[channel] = The Channel for bot logs

[messageupdates] = Should the bot also log Message Updates made within Threads?

[mentions] = Whom to mention if the bot found a bad word?
Arguments marked with * are mandatory!

Returns the Information about a User.
[user] = A User Object

Set the Slowmode for the current Channel.
[time] = Integer (Number)

[unit] = Time Unit (Seconds, Minutes and Hours)
Arguments marked with * are mandatory!

If you start watching a thread it will be prevented from archiving itself. The command provides a "list" parameter which gives you the full list of Threads currently being watched.
[action] = Start / Stop / All / List
Arguments marked with * are mandatory!